Interactive Resource Center - Greensboro, N.C.
IRCís mission is to provide immediate services to address the basic needs of the people of Guilford Country as well as the resource referrals for all community residents.

myirclogorocks 259x149 012509The IRC in Greensboro, NC USA

The IRC opened officially on January 14th, 2009 at an open house attended by homeless volunteers who helped upfit the building, future clients, co-managers, board members, officials from local nonprofits that serve the poor, workers and leaders of churches and civic organizations, city council members, and other friends.

Though the IRC has opened just recently and services and programs are still in development and changing day to day, there is a day center open Monday through Friday which serves the community and opens its doors to the poor and homeless so that they might connect with the hope and resources to help themselves towards a brighter future.

The IRC has received publicity from local news outlets on television and in print.  You can find links to some of these at on the publicity tab: Publicity

We have developed a Google Calendar with some of the services and programs at the IRC, but since things are changing quickly here, we encourage you to Contact the center to confirm if the information is current.

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